Required Reading

Techers share their favorite books and podcasts


Big Picture Science podcast

Shamelessly recommending our own podcast, one hour of science each week. We interview lots of Caltech faculty members, too! 

—Seth Shostak (PhD ’72)


The Theoretical Minimum

While not exactly a podcast, Stanford’s Leonard Susskind’s “The Theoretical Minimum” is a (free) online series that does it for me. Over the last few years, Susskind has created an impressive array of lectures that provide people like me to have a way to slowly (oh so slowly) learn the basics (and the math) and build up toward some of the most exciting developments in theoretical physics.  

—Robert Manning (BS ’82)



I am continually astonished by the amazing untold stories that I hear on Radiolab.  It’s part science, part human interest, and part detective show.  I love it.  

—Delwin Elder (PhD ’99)