From the President of the Caltech Alumni Association

The Shape of
Things to Come

Chris Bryant (BS ’95), President, Caltech Alumni Association

Chris Bryant (BS ’95), President, Caltech Alumni Association

Panta rhei was Heraclitus’ famous assertion that all things change, or “life is in flux.” The only constant in life is change, and all things in life arise from one change and vanish into another.

This is especially poignant to me because I have seen that Techers the world over are agents of change. This year, we at the Caltech Alumni Association (CAA) are proud to announce changes that have begun close to home: our members have overwhelmingly voted to grant membership to all alumni without dues. With this move, we aim to be a catalyst for change in strengthening the relationship between Caltech and alumni around the world.

This magazine is one way we share and celebrate the changes that Techers influence and the impacts of those changes, big or small, global or local. In this issue, you’ll learn how Harold McGee started a culinary revolution, get advice from Fei-Fei Li on building A.I. for the public good, and see how Adrian Hightower is taking on the water crisis at home and abroad. We’re proud to share stories about Techers who are transforming our world. Hear from Katie Mack about the importance of keeping the stars within reach, follow Kevin Noertker as his electric plane prepares to take its first flight, and share your thoughts on what innovations will define the next generation. 

As part of your own process of constant change, we invite and encourage you to participate in alumni events in person and online. There are more opportunities than ever to engage. Join us for Reunion Weekend and our 82nd Annual Seminar Day the third weekend in May, or sign up to attend one of our career webinars. Plus, we consistently launch new programs: the Caltech Alumni Advisors Network and Dinner with Techers are a couple of examples. Come out or log on, and catalyze someone else’s impact or meet someone who catalyzes yours.

I look forward to seeing you in person and online in the coming year. Join me in helping to create the change in the world we want to see. I know that as Techers we are uniquely positioned with the skills, experiences, and talents to do so.

Yours in constant flux,

Chris Bryant (BS ’95)